Sunday, October 18, 2009

Expressive Figure Painting - 1st "Long" Painting

I am taking a class at Gage with Barbara Fugate - (again) - Expressive Figure Painting. It's nice to have a class because it's more in depth than the workshop. I feel that I have learned a lot about color, and that there is still much more to learn! Thankfully we have another 5 sessions left in the class. Enough time for one more large painting and some quick studies. Yay!

This painting took four (three hour) sessions - though we spent some of the time in lecture and demos. 30x36 inches, oil paints on stretched cotton canvas.

The goals of this painting were: Use a unified color harmony - I chose a Secondary Triadic color scheme - orange, violet, green - with Oranges as my dominant color. I also chose to neutralize my colors as my primary "mixer", though I also tinted (added white) and shaded (added black). And finally, compositionally - I used multiple diagonals to lead the eye, cropped the figure on at least 2 edges of the canvas - and also used elements of the negative space surrounding the figure to engage the viewer and support the figure/subject.
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