Monday, September 24, 2012

Palouse Plein Air 2012

My Piece, "Pines Between The Fields" made Honorable Mention at the Palouse Plein Air 2012 Competition this year. Congrats to all the winners! It's a great show, lots of great work. I think two of the winners came up from Boise, ID to participate. 

 I will post more soon, but I figured I would get this up now. Many thanks to my fellow Plein Air companion, Gloria, for supplying snacks, drinks and transportation to great venues. I am very thankful for her wide knowledge of the area, as well as her infectious enthusiasm. 


MoonRaker, 6"x6" oil on hardboard panel. $110. 
This piece was done the day before the competition. The Latah County Fair was in town. Bunch of shiny rides in candy colors. And a challenging "warm-up". Thanks to my friend Gloria for the suggestion.

Wheel of Fire, 6"x8" Oil on canvasboard panel $125.
Another piece at the Latah County Fair. 

Railroad Lines (WaWaWai Park) 6"x8" Oil on Canvasboard panel. $145.
Day 1 of the Plein Air. The wildfires made the air smoky but we soldiered on. This is a view of the lower portion of the buttes across the Snake River, with the Railroad track & trees in the foreground

Butte, (WaWaWai Park), 10"x8" Oil on Canvasboard panel, $175.
We were sitting in the Park, overlooking a small lake that led out to the Snake River. This was behind me.

Day Two
 The Distant Shore, 8"x8" oil on cradled wood panel, $230.
(Spring Valley Reservoir, near Troy, ID)
I honestly love this piece. No idea why - it's not that refined, but looking at it in retrospect, it gives me a sense of calm. 

Smoke on the Mountain - 5"x7" Oil on hardboard panel - $100.
(Spring Valley Reservoir, near Troy, ID)
Trying to capture the smoky air - this was a day between the big flare ups from the wildfires in nearby Washington State. The air was still smoky but there was a cool breeze and the sky cleared up to a beautiful pale blue for a couple hours. 

Day Three
After the Harvest, 8"x10" Oil on hardboard panel, $175.
(from Kamiak Butte)
Kamiak Butte gave us great views of the Palouse. And the challenge of the wide panoramic view. Something I need to work on. And trees. Darn trees. The great thing about the locations, for the most part we were within walking distance of a public bathroom. Score! 

The Pines Between the Fields, 6"x6" Oil on hardboard panel, $130
(from Kamiak Butte)
I am happy with this painting. I zeroed in on two trees from the previous composition. Focused on a variety of oranges/ochres in the background. Thought color, color, color. And value, of course. 

Day Four 
Moscow Roofscape, 4"x12" oil on gallery wrap canvas, $175.
(Across the street from the Recycling center, Moscow, ID)
I had forgotten that Plein Air wasn't just rural views. So I tried a view that I walk by almost everyday. This is a snippet of downtown Moscow, seen from one street over. The building that kinda looks like a ship is the Water Department. I was standing near a tractor/farm equipment supply store. What did I learn? I need to lose some edges. But this was fun! 

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