Friday, December 21, 2012

Available Work

Moonsnail Shell, 5"x7" Oil on Canvas Board
$30.00 plus $5 shipping
To purchase please contact me:

Up & Away, 7"x5" Oil on Canvasboard
$30.00 plus $5 shipping
To purchase please contact me:

Rock Lobster, 5"x7" Oil on Canvasboard
$30 plus $5 shipping
To purchase please contact me:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Imagined Portraits (and real ones too)

Sometimes I do portraits. Of people. Here are some recent paintings headed towards finish. The two larger portraits are based on "real" people, but in imaginary settings. Ella, a girl from my neighborhood in Seattle, was nice enough to sit for me for a painting of her as Alice in Wonderland. Brian is a friend/coworker at Michaels Arts & Crafts here in Moscow. He said he wanted to look like an admiral... 

And the young lady with the whispy blonde hair? Well, she's just super cute. 

GH, 12"x12" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Private Commission
Ella As Alice, 24"x20" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Collection of the Artist

Admiral Brian, 14"x11" Oil on stretched canvas
Private Collection

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spoon-A-Palooza @ BookPeople, Moscow!

Silver Ladle, 7"x 2 3/4", oil on 1/2" MDF panel. Ready to hang, unframed
$75 plus shipping
To purchase contact me:

Sugar Cubes and Silver Strainer
2 3/4"x 7", oil on 1/2" MDF panel. Ready to hang, unframed
$75 plus shipping
To purchase contact me:

Two entries for Spoon-A-Palooza, curated by the lovely Kristin LeVier. One night only show at Book People, Moscow.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

30 plus 1 - Lewiston's 30/30/30

So this year, I'm still doing the 30 Works in 30 Days. But this time, we made it official. The idea was embraced by the Arts Commission of the City of Moscow. I had also talked about the idea with the Palouse Women Artists group and Kelsey Grafton, Blue Sky Mondays (FaceBook Page) took it on herself to start the 30 Day challenge in Lewiston!

The 30/30/30 Show here in Moscow will open on December 14th. Sneak Peek December 13th. 30 Artists, 30 artworks each - 900 Pieces of original art. Stay Tuned.

Kelsey's 30+1 Show debut was tonight. And what a great show! If you are in the area please go see it. All work is 30$ each. Buy Local. Buy Art! I snagged a wonderful little landscape by artist Linda Scott... which I will post as soon as my new camera arrives... because my old camera is hiding somewhere...

Here is a snippet of info about the 30 +1 show. It's up til December 27. Except the piece I bought, which is home with me now. And mine, all mine.

Several local businesses, including The Blue Lantern Coffee House, Studio 202 and The Creative Shop, will host a “Two Block Art Walk,” featuring the results from participating artists of the 30+1 Challenge, an event by Blue Sky Mondays. Participants created thirty 5x7 original pieces in thirty days, plus one collaborative piece. All work is priced at $30 and sold in a "Grab & Go" format. The show will run through December 27th. 
Prizes will be given for people's choice. Voters will be entered into a drawing for one 5x7 original.
Participating artists include: Patti Lee, Courtney Brockett, Melissa Bonnett, Joseph Filler, David Berry, Linda Scott, Virginia Doak, Kelsey Grafton, Deon Douglass, Nancy Morrison, Noah Schuerman, Marlys Seubert, Robin Harvey, Carmelita Nedrow, Jennifer Whitted, Jennelle Brunner, and Wanda Keefer.

Artists and Artwork! 

One of the Displays - my new acquisition by artist Linda Scott is first painting on the left, bottom row

Another Art Display

More Art

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snake River Showcase, Juried Fine Art Exhibit & Sale

My submissions for the Snake River Showcase - at the Valley Art Center in Clarkston, WA. Opening Friday, November 2nd. 5:00-8:00pm

Turban Squash, 6"x6" Oil on hardboad panel. 
$110, framed

Golden Lotus, 12"x16" Oil on stretched canvas, (painting dimensions)
$575, framed

Palouse Trees, 6"x6" Oil on canvaspanel (painting dimensions)
$110, framed

Monday, September 24, 2012

Palouse Plein Air 2012

My Piece, "Pines Between The Fields" made Honorable Mention at the Palouse Plein Air 2012 Competition this year. Congrats to all the winners! It's a great show, lots of great work. I think two of the winners came up from Boise, ID to participate. 

 I will post more soon, but I figured I would get this up now. Many thanks to my fellow Plein Air companion, Gloria, for supplying snacks, drinks and transportation to great venues. I am very thankful for her wide knowledge of the area, as well as her infectious enthusiasm. 


MoonRaker, 6"x6" oil on hardboard panel. $110. 
This piece was done the day before the competition. The Latah County Fair was in town. Bunch of shiny rides in candy colors. And a challenging "warm-up". Thanks to my friend Gloria for the suggestion.

Wheel of Fire, 6"x8" Oil on canvasboard panel $125.
Another piece at the Latah County Fair. 

Railroad Lines (WaWaWai Park) 6"x8" Oil on Canvasboard panel. $145.
Day 1 of the Plein Air. The wildfires made the air smoky but we soldiered on. This is a view of the lower portion of the buttes across the Snake River, with the Railroad track & trees in the foreground

Butte, (WaWaWai Park), 10"x8" Oil on Canvasboard panel, $175.
We were sitting in the Park, overlooking a small lake that led out to the Snake River. This was behind me.

Day Two
 The Distant Shore, 8"x8" oil on cradled wood panel, $230.
(Spring Valley Reservoir, near Troy, ID)
I honestly love this piece. No idea why - it's not that refined, but looking at it in retrospect, it gives me a sense of calm. 

Smoke on the Mountain - 5"x7" Oil on hardboard panel - $100.
(Spring Valley Reservoir, near Troy, ID)
Trying to capture the smoky air - this was a day between the big flare ups from the wildfires in nearby Washington State. The air was still smoky but there was a cool breeze and the sky cleared up to a beautiful pale blue for a couple hours. 

Day Three
After the Harvest, 8"x10" Oil on hardboard panel, $175.
(from Kamiak Butte)
Kamiak Butte gave us great views of the Palouse. And the challenge of the wide panoramic view. Something I need to work on. And trees. Darn trees. The great thing about the locations, for the most part we were within walking distance of a public bathroom. Score! 

The Pines Between the Fields, 6"x6" Oil on hardboard panel, $130
(from Kamiak Butte)
I am happy with this painting. I zeroed in on two trees from the previous composition. Focused on a variety of oranges/ochres in the background. Thought color, color, color. And value, of course. 

Day Four 
Moscow Roofscape, 4"x12" oil on gallery wrap canvas, $175.
(Across the street from the Recycling center, Moscow, ID)
I had forgotten that Plein Air wasn't just rural views. So I tried a view that I walk by almost everyday. This is a snippet of downtown Moscow, seen from one street over. The building that kinda looks like a ship is the Water Department. I was standing near a tractor/farm equipment supply store. What did I learn? I need to lose some edges. But this was fun! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 4,5,6

Well, I am painting one a day, I can't say I am *posting* one a day...

August 4th, 2012, Golden, 4"X4" Oil on canvasboard
$25 plus $6 shipping (US)

August 5th, 2012, Fuschias, 4"x4" oil on Canvasboard
$25 plus $6 shipping (US)

August 6th 2012, Ball, 4"x4" oil on Canvasboard

To purchase, please contact me -

Friday, August 3, 2012

August 1,2,3 - 4x4s

August 1st, 2012 - Tweets - 4"x4" Oil on Canvasboard
$25 plus $6 shipping (US)

To Purchase contact me -

August 2nd, 2012 - Faded - 4"x4" Oil on Canvasboard
$25 plus $6 shipping (US)

To Purchase contact me -

August 3rd, 2012 - Promise - 4"x4" Oil on Canvasboard
$25 plus $6 shipping (US)

To Purchase contact me -

31 Days of Summer- My Art Challenge

I'm a little late on announcing this, but I already started ... Another painting challenge for myself. This time with 4"x4" panels.

Starting August 1st, I will post one (4"x4") painting a day for the month of August. All will be available for sale, at $25 each (!!!) plus $6 shipping (US Priority Mail, within US).

$5 of the sale will go towards Animal Rescue.

Stay tuned! First three will be posted tonight - Friday, August 3rd.


Zoe, 4"x4" Oil on CanvasBoard, Private Collection

Zoe was a diabetic Pit Bull rescued from the streets by Leave No Paws Behind, Inc in California. She struggled valiantly and recovered at the vet - the founder of LNPB bonded with her and took her home. Zoe's heart gave out a couple days later. I think she knew she was loved and in a good place.
RIP, Zoe

Please donate to or your local Humane Society. 
No amount is too small. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Plein Air, July 2012

I am thankful for good friends who are also discovering plein air painting. The weather has been warm but we get up early enough to beat the heat. Also, it doesn't hurt to go with someone who knows some lovely painting locations. 

To purchase, contact me - 

Horteman's Pond, 10"x8" Oil on masonite panel
$90 plus shipping

Water's Edge, 6"x6" Oil on canvasboard
$50 plus shipping

The Old Tree, Arboretum, 5"x7" Oil on Ampersand Clayboard Panel
$55 plus shipping

Reflections & Shadows, Arboretum, 7 3/4" x 6" oil on MDF panel
$65 plus shipping

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Artist Challenge #68 - Floral

The Challenge this time is "Floral", so here are some of mine:

Summer Sunflowers, 16"x12", Oil on Canvas
$175, unframed, before shipping

To Purchase please contact me -

Jonquils, 8"x8" Oil on Canvas
$100, unframed, before shipping

To Purchase please contact me -

And of course, a shout out to Rusty Harden, the hardworking, multitasking artist wrangler, and talented artist herself. Please visit the Artist Challenge Website to see the other artwork, and maybe you too will consider joining the challenge next time?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Plein Air in July

Blue Sky Evening, Oil on Canvasboard, 4"x4"
$30 plus $7 shipping (USA) 

To Purchase Contact Me -

Arboretum Flowers, Oil on Ampersand Panel, 5"x7"
$55 plus $7 shipping (USA)

To Purchase Contact Me - 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Portrait Sketches at the Saturday Farmers Market

 I set up my umbrella at last Saturday's Farmers Market on Main Street. Summer is finally upon us - it was wicked hot. Maybe not by East Coast standards, but we were baking for the first couple hours before the sun shifted enough to allow the trees to shade us - a little respite.

Some quick portrait sketches - all children - thanks to my handy IPad I took a snapshot and worked out the sketch from that - it was too hot for the kiddies to sit, even for 20 minute increments. Funny how I had just started the drawing of the (first) two little girls, but two other families with (two) little girls requested drawings. Single portraits were 20 minutes, double portraits took a little under 40min. All on 8 1/2"x 11" Canson Mi-Teintes paper, in Steel Grey.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Plein Air June 2012

I was fortunate to spend a lovely late afternoon painting with my friend Andy Sewell. He does marvellous watercolors, but wanted to try some plein air oils. He is lucky to have spectacular view from his backyard. So in the shade of his house, we painted in the afternoon light, and watched the shadows grow longer. 

Check out some of Andy's work - He is also doing metal work now - very cool stuff too! 

Later that week, I took myself over to a lone tree, or perhaps cluster of trees, behind the Toyota Dealership and near the Pullman-Moscow Bike Path. Found a place to park (I know, should have biked) then set up my easel near a bridge made of old railroad beams. It was three thirty in the afternoon and the moon had already started it's ascent in the blue, blue sky. 

The View from Andy's Farm
Approx 8"x6.5" Oil on panel, unframed

Afternoon Moon
6"x6" Oil on CanvasBoard, unframed
$50 plus $7 shipping
To purchase Contact Me:

Friday, June 29, 2012


I had the opportunity to sketch four grandchildren of a friend. She had seen me drawing during the Moscow ArtWalk, about two weeks ago. She later ran into my husband and asked him where I was, and he told her I was the one drawing portraits. She had gone to the ArtWalk to specifically see the person doing the portraits, not realizing the connection. Thankfully, she liked what she saw. 

We met in a local park, though neither of us realized that there was also a magician/juggler, as well as live music that evening. It was a good thing, the kids were excited about the prospect of ice-cream as a reward for sitting still for the portraits. 

All done from life, 20 minute sittings.  Approx 12"x9" charcoal, chalk and sanguine on strathmore paper

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