Friday, September 30, 2011

Palouse Plein Air 2011 - My forays into painting in the great outdoors

8x8 Oil on Wood Panel
The Last Titan

4.5"x6.5" Oil on ArtBoard
Palouse Impressions

5"x7" Oil on Ampersand Panel
Palouse Impressions 2

10"x8" Oil on Masonite Panel
The Far Hill

10"x8" Oil on Masonite Panel
The Path Home

Friendly Visitor

A big THANK YOU to my plein air buddies for all their great advice. I am participating in the the Second Annual Palouse Plein Air (2011) - - the show opens tomorrow evening (Saturday) at Moscow City Hall. It's juried, so fingers crossed, one piece gets in.

Please come by - the reception is from 5-7pm.

I'd never participated in a Plein Air event before. I had the luck to attend one day of a painting workshop with Jim Lamb ( I was still in Seattle, and that gave me a first taste of painting outdoors. So this time, it was, well - "for real".

My first day, I stopped by City Hall for Kathleen Burns to stamp the backs of my (blank) panels. Though I am only entering 3 paintings, I can have as many panels stamped as I want. I guess it's just in case the muse hits and you have enough supply ready...

Each of us received a "goodie bag" - with maps of the suggested locations, a laminated "Artist Working" sign (great idea!) some snacks. Of course I got completely lost, but ended up finding the first location I picked - A nice lady's farm out near Viola, ID. As you can see, I had company.

Day Two (today)This morning I painted up near Iverson Loop, a couple miles out of Moscow. This place is gorgeous. I can't do it justice. I hope to eventually. I am constantly amazed by this landscape, of the Palouse. In the afternoon, I painted across the street from my house, wedged against a fire hydrant. My subject - the *huge* grain elevator directly across the street.

As the weather stays dry and sunny, I plan to keep painting in the mornings. Armed with my maps and my laminated sign (and portable easel, paints, sunhat... ) At the moment my attention span is about an hour and a half per painting, I need to learn patience. Practice, Practice, Practice, and don't waste time, Antonio.

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Own Private Idaho

On August 18th, 2011 we loaded (stuffed) the final boxes and remnants from our life in Seattle into a 17 foot U-Haul truck. Packed up our Corolla Station Wagon, herded one dog (Dan & Darcy, Dana & Pete) into each vehicle. At about 7:30 am we started the 5.5 hour drive across Washington State to our new home in Moscow, ID.

It was a hot, dry trip across the state, it was also a welcome change from the coolness of the Pacific Northwest. We arrived early afternoon, it took about two days to unload, unpack, and settle down. We were delighted to discover we are within walking distance of the "downtown" area, small local shops and restaurants, and access to most of what we need without having to get in a car. The University of Idaho campus is also within walking/biking distance.

Our new place is roomier with a nice large yard for the doggies. It's been very exciting for them, and they are taking it in stride. Mostly basking in the hot sun in the yard. Pete likes to spend most of his time in his bed in the bedroom (when not outside). The dogs have also discovered any toys the previous owners' dog abandoned in the yard - found toys are the best!

Dan started his job as part of the Nez Perce Legal Team on Monday, August 22nd. I'm still getting my bearings, but am optimistic about the opportunities a town like Moscow can offer an artist. I will maintain my art sites on Etsy etc.. so of course, my work is still available for purchase!

We don't miss Seattle per se, but I do miss my friends. Thankfully they are only a commuter flight away. ;)
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