Thursday, June 6, 2013

10 (8x8) Canvases - $30 each!

PWA Project - 10 Artworks, 30 hours, $30 each
8"x8" Gallery Wrap (1.5" deep) Canvases, Cotton Fabric, Acrylics

So, I missed the hanging deadline. I finished these two days after the drop off date. I can't blame anyone but myself, but, in my defense, life has thrown me some big curve balls recently. Not bad stuff, just, stuff that keeps me from painting & creating. 

These 10 paintings are all done on 8"x8" Gallery Wrap Canvases that I covered with Cotton Fat Quarters from the fabric store. The original concept was to create origami animals and paint them but I realized I just wanted to paint animals - birds and insects. This is one of the few times I have painted exclusively in Acrylics. That might change, but I like the set so far. I just really dig pattern. 

If you are interested in purchasing, please email me - (please put 8"x8" canvas in the Subject line) they are all $30 each plus shipping. 


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