Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Forgotten Works Challenge #10 Starts

This past Saturday I picked up my 30 (8x10) panels for the Forgotten Works Challenge. This is the 10th year that Charles Holzey has done it, and my third year participating. The premise - you have exactly 30 days to finish 30 pieces of art - painting, drawing, printmaking, collage... whatever your muse. The Challenge is to finish and to hand in 30 pieces at the end of the 30 days.

The show will be held during the First Thursday Art Walk on Pioneer Square at the Tashiro Kaplan building in downtown Seattle. All pieces sell for $40, for an original piece of art!

The cool part of this is to see the final display. 52 artists entered this year, each will submit 30 pieces... that's 1560 pieces! And it's all at random - so we are not grouped in anyway, which is very democratic.

Stay tuned for upcoming work... Maybe I'll complete the 30 this year. I always turn in 30, but not all are up to par.
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