Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whitney - Gamblin Torrit Grey Competition

This is my entry for the Gamblin Torrit Grey Competition. Gamblin creates the Torrit Grey Pigment from waste pigments throughout the year. The rules are you are only allowed to use White, Black and Torrit Grey. The Torrit Grey pigment shifts every year, and it is not sold in stores, but given complimentary when you purchase Gamblin paints or mediums. I got my tube at the art store at the Lyme Academy in Connecticut.

This painting is a portrait of Whitney - I just loved her unique hairstyle - 12x16 oil on panel.


Vikki North said...

Are you aware that Eric has written a story inspired by this gorgeous piece?

He's got it on the new Inferno writers site today. You're going to be blown away!

The link to Inferno can be found on the side bar of The Artist Challenge.

Dana said...

Hey Vikki - yes! Eric sent me a link to Inferno and I got to read his short story. Lovely work, it really reminded me of Whitney's personality.

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