Friday, July 30, 2010

Mirror, Mirror - Revisiting old work

18"x 24" Oil paint on Stretched Canvas
So again, I re-visited one of my older paintings. I had a lot of fun re-working this one. I darkened the ledge the apple sits on, so that it would anchor the piece. I added a pattern to the wall behind the mask. That was one crazy pattern to do! But it was worth it in the end.

The mask is a Chinese Mask I got when I lived in Beijing. I thought it was symetrical, but it's a little quirky - he or is it she? - has a crooked grin. And one of the lower eyelids was knocked off at some point. I have no idea what he represents, I like to believe that it's some type of buddha or bottisatva. Who knows.

And the apple brings me back to Snow White. I can't tell you why - I liked how the mask was looking down at the apple. As if it knew, that one bite of the apple, you'd fall asleep. And who would then be the Fairest of them All?

1 comment:

Nancie Johnson said...

I love the rework you did on this. It adds so much more interest to the painting - and gives the eye so much more to look at. Love how you deepened the colors too!

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