Saturday, September 18, 2010

Barong Mask - The Artist Challenge #38

12"x12" oil on gallery wrap canvas. $250 including shipping.
The Artist Challenge for September was "Where The Wild Things Are". I picked this mask from my parents collection of Indonesian antiques. I've spent most of my childhood with this mask. It has managed to scare most of my babysitters. The mask is of a spirit called a Barong. It is a good spirit, meant to fight off evil forces. With a face like that, I don't doubt it. He's worse for wear due to age - lost a couple of his tusks. Still, remarkably fun to paint.


Catherine Martinez said...

I have been looking at this one with lots of admiration for awhile now. What an interesting artifact to grow up with! Nice job, especially not painting in the missing tusks. Cat

Corine harmon said...

It's a beautiful mask but I believe this is actually a Rangda mask, the queen of evil, Barong's enemy.

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