Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays - Ella, Lucy & Linus

Here are four pieces that my parents commissioned. All are 8x10, oil on canvasboard. My niece, Ella, at one month and one year, and the other two, are Lucy and Linus, my sisters' french bulldogs.
The piece of Linus is a copy of one I did of him for my first Forgotten Works Challenge, in 2008. My friend, Himanee, purchased that piece, much to my sisters' dismay.

So now my parents have asked me to paint the two dogs as a Christmas gift to my sister. I'm including the two paintings of my niece as well. I hope they like them.

The portraits of Ella were a challenge. I want to do more portraits of children, and I have to chalk these up as practice. And remember to get better reference photos in the future.

1 comment:

elizabethhutchinson said...

I love your color!
So glad to have a chance to see your work. Lovely!

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