Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adding Pattern to a Stretched Canvas

I love pattern. All kinds of pattern, the crazier and louder the better. Maybe it's my Indonesian heritage, but whatever it is, pattern just makes me happy. So, for the upcoming "60s Retro-Inspired" piece for the Palouse Women Artists group - due this Sunday - I found this happy floral pattern on a chocolate brown ground. Groovy.
Gather ye materials: 1 pre-stretched canvas (this one is 12"x12" gallery wrapped), a "fat quarter of cotton fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Liquitex Matte Medium.
Pull out your handy travel iron and ironing board. Note that I don't iron my clothes, but I can't have creases in my art fabrics. I ironed the reverse side of the fabric, though it probably doesn't make a huge difference with cotton.
Now that the fabric is nice and wrinkle free, I brushed a generous layer of matte medium on the canvas. It's already pre-primed with acrylic gesso, so the medium is just used as a glue to adhere the fabric. Try not to leave large ridges of medium. Flip canvas face down onto back of cotton fabric.
Gently flip the whole piece back over, and smooth out the fabric,removing any wrinkles and adjusting, smoothing out any possible air bubbles. Once the face is covered and smooth, brush matte medium on the sides and with the same gentle pressure, adhere the fabric to the edges. You will have to do trim any excess and make corner folds to make it look nice and clean. Good presentation and craftsmanship is a must.
And after a little more fussing and fabric trimming, voila - your finished piece. Since I am planning to paint on top of this I sealed the entire piece with two coats of matte medium.

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Catherine Martinez said...

Dana, THANK you for sharing your process. I am doing similar with watermedia, tho' I haven't put it on my blogspot yet. I like the pieces with the fabric background very much!
Catherine Martinez

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