Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Imagined Portraits (and real ones too)

Sometimes I do portraits. Of people. Here are some recent paintings headed towards finish. The two larger portraits are based on "real" people, but in imaginary settings. Ella, a girl from my neighborhood in Seattle, was nice enough to sit for me for a painting of her as Alice in Wonderland. Brian is a friend/coworker at Michaels Arts & Crafts here in Moscow. He said he wanted to look like an admiral... 

And the young lady with the whispy blonde hair? Well, she's just super cute. 

GH, 12"x12" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Private Commission
Ella As Alice, 24"x20" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Collection of the Artist

Admiral Brian, 14"x11" Oil on stretched canvas
Private Collection

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