Friday, June 29, 2012


I had the opportunity to sketch four grandchildren of a friend. She had seen me drawing during the Moscow ArtWalk, about two weeks ago. She later ran into my husband and asked him where I was, and he told her I was the one drawing portraits. She had gone to the ArtWalk to specifically see the person doing the portraits, not realizing the connection. Thankfully, she liked what she saw. 

We met in a local park, though neither of us realized that there was also a magician/juggler, as well as live music that evening. It was a good thing, the kids were excited about the prospect of ice-cream as a reward for sitting still for the portraits. 

All done from life, 20 minute sittings.  Approx 12"x9" charcoal, chalk and sanguine on strathmore paper

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