Monday, July 2, 2012

Plein Air June 2012

I was fortunate to spend a lovely late afternoon painting with my friend Andy Sewell. He does marvellous watercolors, but wanted to try some plein air oils. He is lucky to have spectacular view from his backyard. So in the shade of his house, we painted in the afternoon light, and watched the shadows grow longer. 

Check out some of Andy's work - He is also doing metal work now - very cool stuff too! 

Later that week, I took myself over to a lone tree, or perhaps cluster of trees, behind the Toyota Dealership and near the Pullman-Moscow Bike Path. Found a place to park (I know, should have biked) then set up my easel near a bridge made of old railroad beams. It was three thirty in the afternoon and the moon had already started it's ascent in the blue, blue sky. 

The View from Andy's Farm
Approx 8"x6.5" Oil on panel, unframed

Afternoon Moon
6"x6" Oil on CanvasBoard, unframed
$50 plus $7 shipping
To purchase Contact Me:

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